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Our History
Shanxi Zhongtu Traffic Technology Co.,Ltd., one of the most famous road marking paint manufacturers in China, have 23 years experience in Road Marking Paint. Our main business includes road marking paint, marking lines design and construction, and marking equipment development. There are six workshops located in China so that we can provide fast service to our customers.
Shanxi Zhongtu Traffic Technology Co.,Ltd.has been cooperating with Evonik Industries from for over 15 years and 3M company for many years.
In twenty-one years, Shanxi Changda committed to become a nurturer and technology pioneer in road marking industry makes many firsts,as the following shown:
۱)First to be High-tech enterprise in road marking paint industry;
۲)First to come up with suitable road marking paint on micro-surfacing pavement;
۳)First to come up with pollution-resistant paint and make it in practice;
۴)First to produce road marking paint in the high attitude and cold region;
۵)First to make MMA rainy vibration road marking paint;
۶)First to put forward to all-weather concept with American 3M company and only one gets the authorization to manufacture reflective road marking paint for 3M company;
In the future, we will renew industry standard, fill the blank market, and provide our customer with more professional and specific road marking paint and marking line solution by the new technology,new products and new pattern. Quality First and Credit Supreme is our commitment for customers.
R&D ability and production capacity
R&D Ability
Shanxi Zhongtu Traffic Technology Co., Ltd has own professional R&D team and laboratory to undertake product research and development and won majority of patents.
Our company was invited to do a majority of researches and studies on the Road Marking Line and participated in making several National Standards and Industrial Standards, also we haseightpaint Invention patents and two patents about Utility Model and two Marking Line Construction Methods. R&D team is composed of doctors&masters&senior technicianswho have issued plenty of papers on the famous journals, works with many universities and research institutes at long term.Our R&D team were invited by famous Germany Company to exchange experience and cooperate with Evonik Industries as long as 15 years, which promote the development of our technology and make our products up to the international level competition with famous company in the world. Our director publishes a book named 鈥淢aterials and Application of Road Marking Paint鈥漺hich educates more people who is engaging in road marking paint. In the condition, the products we can undertake and meet customers requirement.
Our Product
Two-Component Road Marking Paint
Series Colorful Anti-Skid Road MarkingPaint
Thermoplastic Road Road Marking Paint
Solvent Road Marking Paint
Water-Based Road Marking Paint
Facade Reflective Road Marking Paint
Fluorescent Road Marking Paint
Marking Paint Accessories
MMA Floor Material
Marking Line Integrated Solution Supply
Our Certificate
۱٫CCPC Certification
۵٫Patent Certificate: 5
Our service
Shanxi Zhongtu Traffic Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest company in China that integrates research, development, production and sales of road marking paints and floor coatings. We insist on the customer’s position, with our experience and professional team, to provide customers with the most comprehensive product technical support and one-stop after-sales service, our service network throughout the country, to ensure that you can enjoy us at home service.
Provide comprehensive product/technical materials and construction solutions
Samples can be requested (freight paid by the customer), or directly to the company and factory, inspection test section
Provide customized products according to different needs of customers, and comprehensively solve practical problems encountered in marking construction
Guarantee the price is fair and reasonable, and the price is refined
Professional guidance and technical communication are available at the request of the owner or construction unit.
After Sales:
Fast and timely after-sales service response
Record all projects and customers, check regularly, return visits, provide guidance or solve problems
Give priority to relevant technical seminars, new product launches, technical application seminars, etc., so that you are always at the forefront of technology.Hardener

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